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HM saw blades STEEL-TECH series

great quality cutting of cold-rolled sections from constructional steel with wall thickness < 3mm.

HM saw blades LL CUT VH series 300/96T TCG+5

for cutting of wood-derived materials, such as chipboard, laminate, MDF, HDF LDF, etc.

New line of saw blades: ALUEX MARATHON

for Alu, non-ferrous metals and plastics profiles cutting

New Line of HM saw blades POWER PLUS for power tools

Improved line designed for manual sawing machines- having specifically formed teeth, suitably selected blade, and a new splined bore guarantee the best possible post-treatment surface.

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InInsert knives for cutter heads LJ050

HM knives application: universal, for hard wood, for board and wood-based materials
HM insert knives for different application
Jakub Bąk
e-mail: jbak@wapienica.pl
SelectCatalogueIndexB [mm]H [mm]g [mm]ZINFOU.m.
LJ555-1414-000114142,04uniwersalne 4-ostrzowepc.
LJ555-1414-000214142,04drewno 4-ostrzowepc.
LJ555-1414-000314142,04płyta i drewnopochodne 4-ostrzowepc.
LJ555-4012-000140121,52uniwersalne 2-ostrzowepc.
LJ555-4012-000240121,52drewno 2-ostrzowepc.
LJ555-4012-000340121,52płyta i drewnopochodne 2-ostrzowepc.
LJ555-5012-000150121,52uniwersalne 2-ostrzowepc.
LJ555-5012-000250121,52drewno 2-ostrzowepc.
LJ555-5012-000350121,52płyta i drewnopochodne 2-ostrzowepc.
Catalogue: - catalogue products
indexable knives offered in multipack - 10 pcs
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LJ050 Rebating cutterheads with spurs
milling of grooves and rebates with rectangular cross-section
LJ550 Mounting brackets for cutter heads LJ050
mounting brackets for HM in the cutter head
Screws for cutter heads LJ050
New index
screw facilitating the mounting and placement of the plate in cutter head socket
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