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HM saw blades STEEL-TECH series

great quality cutting of cold-rolled sections from constructional steel with wall thickness < 3mm.

HM saw blades LL CUT VH series 300/96T TCG+5

for cutting of wood-derived materials, such as chipboard, laminate, MDF, HDF LDF, etc.

New line of saw blades: ALUEX MARATHON

for Alu, non-ferrous metals and plastics profiles cutting

New Line of HM saw blades POWER PLUS for power tools

Improved line designed for manual sawing machines- having specifically formed teeth, suitably selected blade, and a new splined bore guarantee the best possible post-treatment surface.

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HSS circular saw blades for cut-off machines - PASSIVATED

cut-off saws made to order - toothing and rake angles depend on type of material cut
toothing Bw is universal one used for cutting off full materials and profiles
toothing C is used for high efficient cutting off full materials
toothing Bf should be used for cutting off thin walled pipes and profiles, to increase the life time of cutting edges it is necessary to use colling and lubricating liquids
we recommend to use general available coolants like Ekobiocol AK or Ekobiocol Special for cutting off steel elements - carbon and alloy steel, cast - cast iron, malleable and alloy cast iron, cast steel, aluminum, brass, bronze und copper. It is recommended to use aqueous solution with 3-10 % concentration.
in order to increase saw blades life, decrease the friction factor, cut materials difficult to machine and to increase machining parameters the disc passivation has been introduced
saw blades made of HSS-SW7M
characteristic element in construction are driver holes with diameter, number and positioning depending on cut-off machine used
saw blades made of steel with 5% cobalt with higher life time are made to customer order
Piotr Szarek
e-mail: pszarek@wapienica.pl
Catalogue: - to order
Saw blades made to customer order with teeth geometry: Bw, C i Bf.
Before placing an order or sending an inquiry the following datas should be provided: diameter, number of teeth, disc/blade thickness, bore diameter, number and positioning of driver holes (type), quantity.
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FP220 HSS circular saw blades for cut-off machines - Bw 18o
Bw is universal teeth geometry used for cutting of full materials and profiles
FP222 HSS circular saw blades for cut-off machines - TiN
cut-off saws made to order - toothing and rake angles depend on type of material cut
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