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HM saw blades STEEL-TECH series

great quality cutting of cold-rolled sections from constructional steel with wall thickness < 3mm.

HM saw blades LL CUT VH series 300/96T TCG+5

for cutting of wood-derived materials, such as chipboard, laminate, MDF, HDF LDF, etc.

New line of saw blades: ALUEX MARATHON

for Alu, non-ferrous metals and plastics profiles cutting

New Line of HM saw blades POWER PLUS for power tools

Improved line designed for manual sawing machines- having specifically formed teeth, suitably selected blade, and a new splined bore guarantee the best possible post-treatment surface.

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A wide range of MULTIX saws for multi-blade saw systems from GLOBUS
The GLOBUS brand currently has the widest range of MULTIX series saw blades for cutting fresh wood in multi-blade saw systems.
Kurier Drzewny No. 05/2013 (May)
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Blades with a specially selected tip

The high durability and service life of the blade and a stable disc are advantages of the new series of GLOBUS brand slitting saw blades for finger joints.
Gazeta Przemysłu Drzewnego No. 04/2013 (April)
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Cutter geometry improves edge quality

GLOBUS has recently introduced new tools meeting the growing expectations of users.
Gazeta Przemysłu Drzewnego, No. 10/2012 (October)
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A new generation of GLOBUS tools

Presented at the FPiN Wapienica booth in the course of the Drema Fair in Poznań were GLOBUS brand cutting tools for wood and wood-based materials which at the beginning of this year joined the company's product portfolio, as well as those for which the process of marketing is nearly complete.
BIZNES meble.pl, No. 5/2012 (May)
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90 years of the GLOBUS brand

Polsko-Śląska Fabryka Pił i Narzędzi Sp. z o.o. was created with the combined capital of three owners – Oskar Fabini, Artur Schadl and Redl. This marked the beginning of the production of saw tools in Poland on an industrial scale.
Kurier Drzewny, No. 4/2011 (April)
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Save time with adjustment of the kerf width
GLOBUS is expanding its offer of trim saw blades with a trim saw featuring the COMFORT smooth adjustment system. With the use of this system, the trim saw's kerf width can be easily and quickly adjusted to match the main saw's kerf width.
Gazeta Przemysłu Drzewnego, No. 4/2009 (April)
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New disks in the group of saw blades for GLOBUS power tools

The group of circular saw blades featuring sintered carbide for GLOBUS power tools has been expanded recently with a new saw blade series Steel-Tech electro and Set1.
Narzędzia Elektronarzędzia, No. 2/2009 (March-April)
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Full polycrystalline offer

Fundamental factors shaping the quality of tools are: long lifespan and processing precision.
FPiN WAPIENICA Ltd. offers polycrystalline diamond cutters DIA which fulfil these requirements.
Kurier Drzewny BN, No. 7/2008 (October)
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Tools on the Internet

Currently, reaching clients is a key factor of effective salesmanship. That is why companies are starting to think seriously about their presence on the Internet.
Kurier Drzewny, No. 2/2008 (May)
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Between the modern and the traditional
The nearly 90-year-old history of Globus demonstrates our commitment towards our clients, and our name has become synonymous with high quality for many people in the timber industry in Poland. Our constant innovation is the reason why our business partners are satisfied, and it is a source of satisfaction of our employees and company’s board of directors as well.
Produkcja Mebli, No. 3/2008 (April)
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Controlled stream
Tools with an appropriate durability and precision are one of the basic factors shaping the quality of the final product.
FPiN WAPIENICA offers milling cutters which meet these requirements.
Kurier Drzewny, No. 1/2008 (April)
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Professional saw blades with the Tatra Mountains in the background
This year’s annual meeting of FPiN Wapienica’s wholesale clients turned into a mini-fair. Participants had a chance to see a presentation of the company’s most important products in a cyber-booth.
Meblarstwo, No. 6/2007 (June)
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Investing in new solutions
Jerzy Miciek, Chairman of WAPIENICA Ltd., talks about effective ways of reaching timber industry representatives as well as the new assortment and tools which can be used in the most technologically advanced production processes.
Gazeta Przemysłu Drzewnego, No. 4/2007 (April)
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Durable and friendly
Stepping up to meet the expectations of customers, WAPIENICA offers saw blade construction solutions which fulfil industrial safety and other requirements, as well as requirements related to increasing tool lifespan.
Forum Branżowe, No. 4/2007 (April)
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Devilishly good saw blades
The efforts of FPiN WAPIENICA Ltd. in finding new technologies are translating into a number of construction solutions
in the produced tools.
Gazeta Przemysłu Drzewnego, No. 8/2006 (August)
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A company with tradition
This year FPiN WAPIENICA Ltd. from Bielsko-Biała is celebrating its 85th anniversary. Its products have been appreciated and awarded many times for their innovativeness and high quality.
Produkcja Mebli, No. 5/2006 (May)
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