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HM saw blades STEEL-TECH series

great quality cutting of cold-rolled sections from constructional steel with wall thickness < 3mm.

HM saw blades LL CUT VH series 300/96T TCG+5

for cutting of wood-derived materials, such as chipboard, laminate, MDF, HDF LDF, etc.

New line of saw blades: ALUEX MARATHON

for Alu, non-ferrous metals and plastics profiles cutting

New Line of HM saw blades POWER PLUS for power tools

Improved line designed for manual sawing machines- having specifically formed teeth, suitably selected blade, and a new splined bore guarantee the best possible post-treatment surface.

In this page section:

Tools sharpening and repair

Our offer includes a universal range of repairs of GLOBUS brand tools, as well as other producer’s tools.

Our Repair Department is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 norms, which guarantees the professional performance of the service.
Our Repair Department Team consists of experts who have gained their practical experience at our factory and are our long-time employees. The Repair Department closely cooperates with production departments, guaranteeing an exchange of practical knowledge and production experience.

The procedure used as part of the repair programme is clear, guaranteeing an effective and fast performance of tool repair services.

If you determine that a tool requires repair, please ship it to the following address:

Fabryka Pił i Narzędzi WAPIENICA Ltd.
30 Tadeusza Regera st.
43-382 Bielsko-Biała, Poland
Repair Department

At this stage, the tool is carefully checked and tested by a Repair Department employee in order to assess the range of needed repairs.

Based on the above assessment, a calculation of the cost of repair is prepared.

At your request, the calculation of costs can be sent to you to be approved. You can then decide whether to repair the tools at the offered price or not. In the case of a lack of an answer on your part, or a lack of specifying the range of repair, the service will be based on the repair employee’s decision and according to the current service pricing list.

The Repair Department repairs the tool within 14 working days from receiving your approval

An approximate range of repairs for various tool groups is presented below:

Circular saw blades with HM plates
  • full repair
  • partial saw blade repair (for example, replacement of a number of plates)
  • grinding HM plates
Regular circular saw blades
  • saw blade grinding and setting
Planer knifes
  • grinding
HM heads and formed cutters
  • grinding
HM shank cutters and drill bits
  • grinding
Polycrystalline diamond tools*
  • partial repair of saw blades (for example, through replacing a few plates – for tools with a small degree of wear)
  • grinding of teeth – with microgrinding
Segmental saw blades
  • full repair
  • partial repair (for example, through replacing individual segments)
  • grinding of segments
Side milling cutters
  • full repair (by cutting new teeth)
  • grinding of teeth– full profile
Saw blades for friction cutting
  • full repair (by cutting new teeth)
  • grinding of teeth– full profile
*saw blades, trim saw blades, formed cutters and shank cutters, heads.

Tools which can be repaired cannot have cracked discs, broken teeth, changed blade geometry, or damaged HM plate sockets.
Tool subject to the above process can be repaired up to 2 times, which is permanently marked with the symbol W12.

General remarks regarding services rendered by FPiN WAPIENICA

1.    The above services performed on saw blades and tools from other producers are subject to an
        additional charge in the amount of 25% of the order’s value.
2.    We reserve the right to deny the repair service if the tool is in a bad condition.
3.    We are committed to a quantitative accounting of the accepted tools from the client (accepted
        and not accepted for repair).
4.    We reserve the right to scrap the repaired tools at the client’s costs after a period of 2 months,
        if they are not picked up by the client within the agreed upon time.

Export Department:
ph.: +48 33 828 09 22
e-mail: regeneracja@wapienica.pl

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