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New line of saw blades: ALUEX MARATHON

for Alu, non-ferrous metals and plastics profiles cutting

Saw blades MULTIX PRO

dedicated to cutting wood on multi rip saws

New Line of HM saw blades POWER PLUS for power tools

Improved line designed for manual sawing machines- having specifically formed teeth, suitably selected blade, and a new splined bore guarantee the best possible post-treatment surface.

New line of MITER saw blades

3 series used for miter and radial arm table saws

New line of LL CUT saw blades

3 series dedicated to cut panels and wood-based materials, used on horizontal and vertical sizing machines

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Saw blades LL MULTI CUT VH for single and batch cutting of wood derived materials

saw blade adapted for cutting wood derived materials of different heights, either individual or batch cutting - on panel-sizing machines
dedicated to users who frequently change the number of layers of wood derived materials cut (from 1 to more than 10 boards in the package)
increased life time of wood derived boards (e.g. MDF, HDF, LDF, OSB)
batch cutting of laminated and lacquered wood derived boards
saw blade can also work on panel-sizing machines together with the scorer
very high disc accuracy, specially selected sintered carbide and adequate teeth geometry GA10 (triple chip - flat top teeth) guarantee longer life time and very good cutting quality
irregular tooth pitch allows to obtain very good cutting quality while batch cutting and single board cutting
dynamically balanced disc eliminates vibrations during cutting which has a great impact on quality of cut surface
adequate disc tension ensures high rigidity of the body which influences stable operation
low-noise saw blades, adequate silencing slots reduce noise during cutting process
wide possibilities for sintered carbide sharpening - it allows to solve cutting difficulties and meet high quality requirements
German steel used ensures repeatability and high parameters of the disc, which contributes to the stability of the blade during operation
Mariusz Kwaśniowski
e-mail: mkwasniowski@wapienica.pl
SelectCatalogueIndex∅ D [mm]∅ d [mm]B [mm]S [mm]ZTeeth geometrySilencedilxdo/dpU.m.
PS316-0380-00010380604,83,572GAwyciszenie_L2x14/100 + 2x11/115pc.
PS316-0450-00010450604,83,560GAwyciszenie_L4x11/85 + 2x10/80 + 2x14/125pc.
PS316-0460-00010460304,43,260GAwyciszenie_L2x13/94 + 2x13/95pc.
Catalogue: - to order
- per order
- do - driving holes diameter
- dp - pitch diameter of holes
- parameters, dimensions of COMBO holes are ilustrated in the product drawing
- silence slot L - type of silencing slots
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PS310 Saw blades LL CUT line GA10 for cutting wood derived materials
new series of saw blades LL CUT with longer life time is dedicated to cutting of wood boards such as: chipboard, laminate, MDF
PS312 Saw blades LL CUT VH line GA5, GA10 for cutting wood derived materials
new series of saw blades LL CUT VH is dedicated to cutting of wood-based materials such as: chipboard, laminate, MDF and HDF with low contamination level
PS312 Saw blades LL CUT speedline GA15 for cutting wood derived materials
new series of saw blades LL CUT speedline is dedicated to cutting of wood-based materials such as: MDF, HDF, fiberboard, homogenous materials
PS320 Saw blades LL CUT line GS for cutting wood derived materials
saws designed for sizing of wood-based panels with veneer and plywood
PS322 Saw blades LL CUT VH line 3GS for batch cutting frames and natural veneer materials
saws designed for cutting of natural and artificial veneers, wood and wood-based strips and frames
PS312 Saw blades LL CUT VH line GA15 for batch cutting wood derived materials
increased life time while cutting of wood-based panels (MDF, HDF, LDF, OSB): veneered, laminated or lacquered
PS627 Conical scoring saw blades LL CUT VH line 1GR for pre-cutting wood derived materials
scoring of veneered, laminated, lacquered etc. wood-based materials (MDF, HDF, LDF, OSB)
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