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New line of MITER saw blades

3 series used for miter and radial arm table saws

New line of ZAG saw blades

4 series used on plunge saws, power tools and stationary machines

New line of LL CUT saw blades

3 series dedicated to cut panels and wood-based materials, used on horizontal and vertical sizing machines

Oscillating blades

super thin und very precise oscillating blades for multifunctional power tools

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Carpenter and Joiner Training

On April 8th and 9th of the current year, we were delighted to organize workshops concerning the application of woodworking tools, wood-based materials and construction materials, which are common in carpentry and joinery. It took place during the "Workshops of a Modern Carpenter" at the Constant Learning Centre in Garbatka-Letnisko.

The participants of this workshops were future joinery adepts, who attend qualifying courses for adults at the Constant Learning Centre at the Jan Kochanowski Upper-Secondary School Complex in Garbatka-Letnisko.

By opening the two-day workshops, we had a great pleasure of not only presenting specific GLOBUS products to future joinery adepts, but, most of all, pointing out a number of relationships that determine a proper selection of tools for specific cutting and milling operations.

Our audience had an interesting opportunity to see the precision of our tools at high magnification. With the use of a camera with an optical 200 magnification, we have been discussing important technical issues determining the quality of processing, tool durability and its safe use in real-live.

Additionally, we discussed a very important stage of tool operation – its maintenance which involve sharpening or regeneration of circular blades, milling cutters, and milling cutter heads.

The workshops involved practical tasks as well, during which the audience could learn about high-quality of our tools while performing special workshop tasks.



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