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New line of saw blades: ALUEX MARATHON

for Alu, non-ferrous metals and plastics profiles cutting

Saw blades MULTIX PRO

dedicated to cutting wood on multi rip saws

New Line of HM saw blades POWER PLUS for power tools

Improved line designed for manual sawing machines- having specifically formed teeth, suitably selected blade, and a new splined bore guarantee the best possible post-treatment surface.

New line of MITER saw blades

3 series used for miter and radial arm table saws

New line of LL CUT saw blades

3 series dedicated to cut panels and wood-based materials, used on horizontal and vertical sizing machines

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GLOBUS on LIGNA 2017 Hannover


From 22th till 26th May 2017 we are looking forward to see you on our stand on the most important trade fair in woodworking industry LIGNA 2017 Hannover.


See you in Hannover!

The winners of the contest

The 4th edition of the contest "Make children's dreams come true 2017", held under the auspices of the GLOBUS brand, has enjoyed exceptional popularity among young designers who have demonstrated great creativity and spatial imagination.

The participants to the contest "Make children's dreams come true 2017" were asked to design furniture inspired by children's art works awarded in the contest "Furniture of children's dreams 2017". The winners will receive attractive prizes: two-week placements in companies operating within the furniture industry and 3D computer-aided design software (CAD).

We would like to invite you to the award ceremony, which will take place on 15 March this year during the "Meble Polska" furniture fair in Poznań. In addition, the creator of the project selected by us will receive a special award from the GLOBUS brand.

You can also, for the entire duration of the fair, visit the "Furniture of Your Dreams 2017" initiative exhibition at the stand of the "BIZNES meble.pl" monthly magazine (Pavilion 7 stand 8).

The catalogue of the "Furniture of Your Dreams 2017" initiative

Profile of the initiative

See the previous edition:  "Furniture of Your Dreams 2016"

Solid-carbide ball-shaped router bits

Recently we have introduced to our offer a range of solid-carbide...
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“Fulfill childhood dreams 2017”

Dreams are there to follow!

The 4th edition of the contest "Make children's dreams come true" is in full swing.
GLOBUS regularly supports creative ideas and projects enabling us to fulfil children's dreams, especially those dreams which make it possible to arrange their own life space. Therefore, we encourage all young designers: students and graduates of furniture and interior design schools and course as well as amateurs to participate in the contest.

"Make children's dreams come true" is a contest in which participants design furniture inspired by children's art works awarded in the contest "Furniture of children's dreams."  The organiser assigns works and guidelines necessaru for the completion of the task to the participants.
Be creative and original!

  • Deadline for sending an (on-line) application  - 11 December 2016
  • Deadline for sending projects - 5 February 2017
  • The results of the contest will be announced in March 2017 at the fair "Meble Polska" in Poznań.

  • Two-week internship (with accommodation) in the company from the furniture industry;
  • CAD software supporting 3D designing;
  • Place in the interior design course organised by Creator;
  • Voucher for the course organised by Educoncept.
Go to the website of the contest "Make children's dreams come true" to send your application or read the Rules.
Please join us!

HM-tipped COOL CUT saw blades

Specialist HM-tipped COOL CUT saw blades for cutting profile...
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GLOBUS had the pleasure of participating in the International Fair of Machine Tools, Tools and Processing Technology TOOLEX held on 4-6 October 2016in theExpo Silesia Fair and Exhibition Centre. TOOLEX is one of the biggest events in the metalworking industry in Poland. 500 exhibitors from 17 countries presented their products in Expo Silesia in Sosnowiec. The fair attracted over 9,500 visitors.
At the stand, we presented GLOBUS tools for the machining of steel and non-ferrous metals for various industries. We also had a great opportunity to present our newest products in the offer, such as HM-tipped COOL CUT circular saw blades.
HM-tipped COOL CUT circular saw bladesare specialist saw blades for industrial cutting of profiles and solid materials made of steel and non-ferrous metals. To ensure a longer life of the tool, we applied an additional  PVD coating on the disc, which increases the number of cuts and the efficiency of the cutting process by significantly reducing cutting resistance.
Apart from the novelties, we also presented the products from the current offer. Tools presented at the fair included a wide range of:
·          HSS circular saw blades for cutting and grooving
·          HSS circular saw blades for cut-off machines with PVD coating
·          HM-tipped STEEL-TECH circular saw blades for cutting steel profiles
·          HM-tipped ALUEX circular saw blades for cutting ALU and PVC profiles
·          specialist circular knives for cutting steel reinforcements
Our stand also contained other elements emphasizing our long-term experience in the industry, namely the 95 anniversary of the GLOBUS brand on the market of cutting tools.
During the fair, we established a number of interesting contacts and we received some interesting inquiries. We believe that the relationships established at the trade fair will be fruitful for us and our partners.
Thank you for your visit and we hope to see you in 2 years!


DREMA 2016

The representatives of the wood and furniture industries met for the thirty-second time on 13-16 September in Poznań to shape the market and to look for new directions of development. The offer in the scope of the machines and tools for the wood and furniture industry was presented during the International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Wood and Furniture Industries DREMA. The offer included a wide range of solutions and advanced technologies dedicated to manufacturers, business partners, distributors and suppliers of materials or components.
This year's edition of DREMA International Trade Fair was very special for one, quite important reason. This year we are celebrating the 95th anniversary of our activity on the market of cutting tools and therefore we had to present these elements at our stand, as well.
In this year's edition we focused on:
·         New products
·         95th anniversary
·         Special offer + 5% and additional bonus "PIŁKI za PIŁKI"

In order to effectively present new products to the visitors walking near our stand, we have designed and prepared special presentation folders with tools attracting the attention of guests.

New products and tools included in the standard offer are dedicated to woodworking plants (sawmills), carpenters, furniture industry and manufacturers of wood, PVC and AL joinery. The offer includes e.g.:
  •   HM-tipped saw blades MULTIX PRO for raw wood ripping on multi rip saws
The new line of MULTX PRO saw blades for raw wood ripping is available in 4 series: Twin, Standard, Plus, Slowrun. This is the perfect solution for the processing of raw wood. Designed to meet higher needs of woodworking plants equipped with modern and automated sawing lines as well as companies maximizing the effects of the scale of their businesses by increasing the efficiency of the processing of raw materials. Increased impact strength of sintered carbides makes it possible to efficiently use the saw blade during summer and winter. The application of the new technology of disc tensioning ensures higher rigidity of the saw blade during operation at high loads. Each of the series have been designed in such a way as to allow the optimum selection of the type of the saw blade depending on the processing parameters and the type of the raw material.
  •   HM-tipped saw blades LL CUT for cutting LVL boards
LL CUT sawblades for of cutting LVL boards have been designed for the manufacturers of timber frame houses and companies dealing with the construction of timber frame buildings. Taking into account poor processing parameters of LVL boards caused by viscosity, the design of saw teeth was adjusted to the type of the material; special geometry of the saw ensures high quality and cutting precision as well as longer life time.
  •   Profile cutters with HYDRO mounting system and HYDRO cutter heads
Dedicated to a wide spectrum of manufacturers of wood products, veneer sheets, wood-based panels, parquet floors, a garden furniture or other furniture. Hydro mounting system ensures precise placement of the tool on the shaft and removes any clearances between the tool and the machine spindle. It guarantees a very smooth operation of the tools and accurate balance. Hydro-mounted tools can be operated at high feed and rotary parameters ensuring a very good surface quality without the need to carry out finishing operations, such as e.g. grinding. Tools can be used on high-performance processing lines, thus ensuring high speed and precision.

We are glad that we took part in the trade fair. It gave us the opportunity to meet with our current and potential customers and to exchange experiences and knowledge in the field of the widely defined sector of machines and tools for the wood and furniture industry. During the meetings and discussions, we established a number of promising contacts, especially in new application areas of  our tools. We believe that the relationships will be fruitful for us and our partners. DREMA trade fair develops and strengthens its position among such events; therefore, we plan to continue our cooperation during the next editions.

Thank you for your visit and see you in 2 years!


New Line of saw blades MULTIX PRO Twin

New line of saw blades MULTI PRO Twin is a perfect solution for woodworking of heavily contaminated raw wood. It was designed for increased needs of wood processing plants with modern and automated sawing lines, and for companies which maximize the scale of effects of their business increasing productivity of the output of material.
MULTIX PRO Twin is a series of saw blades based on a new design of discs.
A new type of carbide tips is characterized by higher impact strength and lower abrasion at the same time. It perfectly deals  with the toughest conditions, it is for wood with more knots, not stripped, frozen and full of sand and can be used on machines (single or twin shaft multi rip saws) with medium and high speed, even for less solid constructions or when chip removal is weaker.

What characterizes a new line of saw blades:
Specially designed teeth construction with “the tooth between” have a significant impact on improving cutting conditions and protects the  cutting tooth with carbide tip (HM). Additional support below HM tip increases the resistance of the entire teeth construction, especially during woodworking of lower quality wood.

Application of the new type of high impact strength carbide tip allows to efficiently exploit saw blades, both during summer and winter.

The new heat treatment of the disc technology significantly increases rigidity of the saw blade during woodworking at high loads.

Perfect cutting of both soft and hard raw wood. Possibility of cutting wood with more knots, not stripped, frozen, full of sand, and also with other different inclusions.

MULTIX PRO Twin type /four knives/ - www
MULTIX PRO Twin type /six knives/ - www

The jubilee statuette for GLOBUS brand

Polish Woodwork Congress is a periodic meeting organized by the Polish Windows and Doors Association (POiD). It is one of the most important events in Poland’s builders joinery industry which encounters representatives of the most influential companies in the industry.  Each annual convention is always given guiding themes concerning current problems and issues. The lectures discuss issues significant for entrepreneurs and gather personalities from the world of science, business and media representatives. At the Congress there are also given the Eagles of Polish Joinery – the most prestigious industry awards.

We are very pleased to announce that on 19th May 2016 at the VII Polish Woodwork Congress, Fabryka Pił I Narzędzi WAPIENICA Sp. z o.o., a manufacturer of Globus brand tools received  a special Jubilee Statuette for the many years’ contribution into the work of Association and active involvement into initiatives taken by POiD. The President of the Association gave the award to Piotr Szarek, Product Manager of tools for metal, aluminium and PVC.

VII Polish Woodwork Congress was also a chance to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the existence of a professional organization - the Association of Builders Joinery Manufacturers, from which derives the current Polish Windows and Doors Association.
Attendees took part in two thematic blocks which stand on the high professional level:

"Perspectives of builders joinery development in Europe in the context of 2021. Is Poland and Polish producers aware of the changes and are they ready for it?"
The guests gathered on the Congress discussed the requirements regarding to energy efficiency of buildings and builders joinery products. The discussion was preceded by a presentation prepared by ASM – Market Research and Analysis Centre showing the path of building development. Referring to foresight scenarios, it was stated that the polish builders joinery sector has a tiger’s characteristics. Poland is the largest exporter and in this category, according to the report "Poland’s window joinery market 2016" and "Poland’s door joinery market 2016", prepared for POiD by ASM – Market Research and Analysis Centre, in Europe in 2015 it constituted 21.2% of the export of whole building joinery in the EU.
"How to effectively create brand in order to sell more and on the higher price level?" How to efficiently create marketing in distribution? How to use the Internet to communicate with the consumer in order to use him/her as a mobile point of sale and promotion of products?
The moderator of this panel was Dr. Marek Borowiński, a specialist in visual merchandising and sales increasing. He presented important aspects relating to the sale and promotion of products in the traditional distribution point, in conjunction with actions taken at the same time on the Internet. The expert recommended the use of sensory experiences in designing spaces which allow you to create a pleasant, unique atmosphere, which as a result affect the positive consumer’s reactions. He also stressed the importance of advice and service for a new type of consumer – "technological" consumer.

Oscillating saw blades used for multifunctional power tools

Oscillating saw blades has a growing number of supporters. The reason for this is quite a big universality of this sector of power tools offered by manufacturers of significant brands, and hence, lower price of those tools.

To our GLOBUS brand offer we have implemented round and half round saw blades based on high quality high speed steel HSS-DMo5 (SW7M). Currently, we offer them in sets: round + half round saw blades. Half round blade is dedicated especially to cutting materials in hard-to-reach areas.    

What affects high quality of those tools:
made of high quality HSS-DMo5 subjected to heat treatment, which ensures a homogenous material structure, high hardness (63-65HRC) and resistance to abrasion, maintaining adequate elasticity of the blade at the same time.
thin HM-tip (kerf) of blade – 0,5mm only, guarantees less cutting resistance which makes cutting much easier and effortless.

universal hole enables fixing of the blade in the most of power tools available of the market.

ability to cut wide range of materials, starting from hard materials such as steel, ending at soft ones such as plastic.

To what kind of work is it recommended?
  • dedicated especially to cutting materials such as sheet steel and metals (including colour ones), plastics and composites, wood and wood derived materials, some of building materials, i.e. sandwich panels, plasterboards, etc.
  • sheet steel to 1mm thickness, metals (including colour ones) to 2mm thickness, fiberglass and PVC to 4mm thickness, wood and wood derived materials to 10mm thickness
  • half-round saw blades thanks to its shape allows to cut in hard-to-reach places, i.e. right next to the wall
  • designed for multifunctional oscillating power tools MULTI CUT or MULTI TOOLS type


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“Fulfill childhood dreams 2016”

GLOBUS brand once again supports creative ideas and projects enabling realization of childhood dreams, and in particular ideas which allow to develop ones living space.

On 9th March during “Meble Polska” furniture fair, the editorial staff of “BIZNES meble.pl” monthly magazine awarded the winners of competition  under the heading “Fulfill childhood dreams 2016”. The exhibition of the awarded products was presented throughout the duration of “Arena Design”, in pavilion no. 5, on the stand of the Faculty of Wood Technology of the Poznań University of Life Sciences.


An award ceremony of  competition mentioned above was held on 9th March 2016 on the stage of FORUM “Arena Design”. The winners – young designers, who are, students, graduates of schools, furniture and interior designing courses, and also amateurs – were inspired in their projects by children art works awarded in other competition called “Furniture of childhood dreams 2016”. “Furniture of dreams 2016” initiative, under which those two competitions was organized, was held under the patronate of  “Księga trendów” – a  unique publication of meble.pl publishing which depicts current trends in interior design from the perspective of changes in the Poles lifestyle.

The winners of “Fulfill childhood dreams 2016” competition received 12-month commercial licenses of CAD software supporting 3D design (KD Max) and two-week long internships in furniture industry companies.

In this edition a special award was given to the project of Aleksandra Gajzler. It was inspired by the work of Iga Tomczyk from Lublin named “Curiosity of the world”. Aleksandra Gajzler is a graduate of Interior Design Department on The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław and also an assistant at her alma mater in diploma-awarding I Studio of Interior Design.


The exhibition summarizing the third edition of “Furniture of dreams” initiative was prepared by the editorial staff of “BIZNES meble.pl” monthly magazine. It was presented throughout the duration of “Arena Design” in Poznań (8th – 11th March) in pavilion no. 5, on the stand of the Faculty of Wood Technology of the Poznań University of Life Sciences. Miniaturized and 3D-printed projects awarded on “Fulfill childhood dreams 2016” competition were presented there.


Sincere congratulations to all laureates!

“Furniture of dreams 2016” initiative is organized by meble.pl publishing, which is a publisher of furniture industry monthly magazine “BIZNES meble.pl”, and Meble.pl S.A. It consist of two stages. The first one is an art competition for children aged 6 to 14 years and is named “Furniture of childhood dreams 2016”. Those images of furniture are a starting point for the second stage which is “Fulfill childhood dreams” competition. It was attended by young designers, students, graduates of schools, furniture and interior designing courses and amateurs who designed furniture inspired by children’s drawings.

GLOBUS on LIGNA 2015 Hannover

  From 11th till 15th May 2015 we are
  looking forward to seeing you on our
  stand on the most important trade fair
  in woodworking industry LIGNA 2015

  GLOBUS, Hall 25, Stand A05

See you in Hannover!

New line of HM saws of ZAG series for plunge cut circular saws

New line of HM saws are 4 series of saw blade disks with ultra-hard sintered carbides (HM), dedicated to professional hand sawing machines - plunge cut circular saws.

In view of the working characteristics of the above-mentioned machines and the necessity for obtaining perfect edges, those /the 4 series of saws are equipped with very rigid and precisely made disk as well as super hard sintered carbide. The variety of types and grades of materials to be cut with the plunge cut circular saws (frequently extremely different structure, density and hardness) determines different geometries of the sintered carbide tip, individually designed for every purpose, so that the tool would meet its function in the best way. The proper condition of the power tool and preparation for cutting operation are also very important. You should pay attention not only to the suitable match of the saw type, with the type of material to be cut, but also to its overall dimensions, i.e.: thickness, cross-section or wall thickness in case of profile cutting.

•  for precise cutting and notching the wood-derived materials such as: chipboard, laminate, MDF
•  the most often used for cutting the laminated furniture boards, floor panels, making the notches in the kitchen tops and grooving

ZAG2 WOOD series
•  designed for precise cross-cutting and notching the wood (including exotic wood), wood-derived materials with natural veneers and plywood
•  the most often used for cutting the veneer furniture boards, floor board, trimming the door length, making the cut-outs and milling the accurate grooves in beams.

•  dedicated to precise cutting and notching the composite materials such as: corian, kerrock, staron and wood-derived slats as well as aluminium profiles (wall thickness max: 1.5 mm)
•  the most often used for cutting through and making the cut-outs in the kitchen tops, trimming the inner and outer wall panels and grooving

•  all-purpose saws, with average number of tooth, enabling to rip and cross-cut the growth rings in glued wood elements, block boards and solid wood
•  used also for  trimming the door length, making the cut-outs and for milling the grooves in the wood

Every user must also remember that the best effects during the frequent works will be achieved not by using only the professional plunge cut circular saw equipped with the saw blade of undetermined or law quality, but by the combination of professional electro-tool with professional saw. It is worth mentioning that the ZAG saw blades may be also used in the stationary machines and in popular hand sawing machines.

V Congress of Polish Woodwork


On 22-23 May 2014 in Ożarów Mazowiecki, the 5th Congress of Polish Woodwork took place.

This year edition focused on the issues connected with the export, marketing, and running the modern business activities as well as proper assembly of construction woodwork components with reference to the current legal conditions.

On the first day of the Congress, the discussion moderator was Jakub Strzyczkowski known from radio program ”Trójka”. During the discussion panels, there were a lot of hot topics on the Branżowy Program Promocji Okien i Drzwi [Industry program for window and door promotion] for the years 2013-2015 in the international markets and its reception by the woodwork producers in the countries where some elements of the support program are realised.

In this prestigious event, over 200 people representing over 90 biggest Polish companies took part, as well as outstanding experts related to the fenestration joinery industry. Honorary Patronage of the 5th Congress was taken by the Ministry of Economics.

The crowning achievement of the second day of the Congress was to determine the winner of uncommon competition named ”Bargework” – designing the modular office completely placed on water, while using the floating concrete base with dimensions 10 x 40 m. From among 135 works qualified for the competition, the prestigious jury chose 6 laureates.

On the congress Globus brand was represented by: Grzegorz Klimek – Commercial Director of FPiN Wapienica and Jan Kuś – Brand Manager of GLOBUS brand. During the meetings with the fenestration joinery producers, we had perfect opportunity for talking about new technologies addressed to the industry for last years.

It is a pleasure to inform that during the 5th Congress, Globus brand was honoured by the Association Management with special award – Certificate recommending our tools to the Producers of Windows and Doors for 2014.

"Furniture Production Workshop"

The Project "Warsztat Produkcji Mebli" was completed on Wednesday, 14 May this year.
In Białystok, in the University Hall at 20a Świerkowa street, the first workshop meeting for the joiners took place. The organisers of this meeting were the publishing house Publikator and the industry magazine Produkcja Mebli. This initiative gathered in one place the joiners and the producers of furniture accessories and components, as well as the producers of equipment and tools for furniture production in the regional market of Podlasie.

During the meeting with customers, we had perfect opportunity for presenting our product novelties and the current offer of work tools to the users. On this event, we presented among the others:

•    new series of saws with sintered carbides for plunge cut circular saws
•    saws of GLOTECH 2, MARATHON 2, PERFECTCUT series for cutting wood-derived materials and the undercutting saws for trimmers
•    saws of KOLIBER, BRYTAN, OSA, STEEL-TECH Electro series for hand sawing machines
•    and the offer of profiling and shank cutter tools

Apart from the presentations of saw cutting, the users may come and see the operation effectiveness of our new product in the offer, which is GO Cleaner – fluid for washing and cleaning the tools and equipment. We used the dirtiest tools i.e. the saws of MULTIX series for cutting fresh wood on the multi-blade saws.

GO Cleaner worked out excellent. The fluid removed even the very thick dirt layers in form of remaining of wood together with resin that covered the saw disk – it did it with no problem in short time - only 15 minutes!!!

We kindly invite you to Białystok next year!


OPEN DAYS with Globus brand

Please check where you can meet us and receive the support...
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Professional HM saw blades line for Alu, non-ferrous metals and plastics profiles cutting.
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HM SAW BLADES POWER PLUS series for power tools

Improved HM saw blades for manual sawing machines - having specifically formed teeth, suitably selected blade, and a new splined bore guarantee the best possible post-treatment surface.
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Offer for furniture industry

  Furniture industry is one of the
  most dynamically developing
  branches of the Polish industry.
  That is evidenced by hard sales...
  - read more
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